Ice Cream Cones
  •  Ice Cream Parlor 


Every creation from our fountain is prepared using GENEROUS portions of the Ice Cream Company's very own HOMEMADE ice cream, handcrafted right here with fresh, quality ingredients.

  • «Sundaes»
  • Sundaes come with your choice of topping (or toppings, depending on size), whipped cream, almonds or sprinkles and a cherry.
  • Small $4.99 / Medium $5.99 /  Large $7.99 / Extra Large $9.99
  • Single Scoop   /   Double Scoop  /  Triple Scoop  /  Six Scoops
  • «Dishes / Cones»
  • Small $3.99 / Medium $4.99 /  Large $5.99 
  • Single Scoop   /  Double Scoop  /  Triple Scoop 
  •  Toppings 

  • Chocolate Sauce
    Peanut Butter

  • Hot fudge
  • Hot caramel
  • Additional toppings-.75
  •  Ice Cream Flavors 

*Our ice cream is handcrafted right here in the restaurant, and each delicious batch takes more than 24 hours from start to creamy finish. Occasionally, we sell out of a flavor, or have seasonal favorites available.
If we don't happen to have your favorite on hand, please give another flavor a try - maybe you'll find a new favorite!
  •  ICC Sundaes 

  • Available in any size: (if not indicated below, standard sundae prices are as listed above)
  • Emerald Island 
    Mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge
  • Brown and Gold
    Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, hot caramel topping
  • Coffee Fiesta 
    Coffee ice cream with hot fudge
      • Brownie Hot Fudge Sundae: Small $5.48 / Medium $7.48 / Large $9.48 / Extra Large $11.48
        Vanilla ice cream and a warm brownie with hot fudge
      • Chocolate Chip Cookie Hot Fudge Sundae: Small $4.99 / Medium $6.99 / Large $8.99 / Extra Large $10.99
        Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, warm chocolate chip cookie, hot fudge, whipped cream, almonds and a cherry
    • The following sundaes are available in only in Large and Extra Large:
    • Candy Bar Craze
      Peanut butter cup, Heath bar, and Butterfinger ice cream with caramel and hot fudge topping
    • Peanut Butter Passion 
      Peanut butter cup, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, with peanut butter sauce and hot fudge topping
  • Banana Split: Large $8.99 / Extra Large: $10.99
    Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream surrounded by a banana, topped with strawberry, chocolate and pineapple topping
      • Cookie Monster  Large $8.99 / Extra Large $10.99
        Cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chip ice cream with marshmallow and chocolate topping and a chocolate chip cookie on the side
  •  kid's SUNDAES 

    • The Clown - $5.99  
      One scoop of your choice of ice cream, topped with a cone, whipped cream and a candy face
    • Candy Land Sundae - $5.99  
      Cotton candy or bubble gum ice cream with marshmallow topping sprinkles and candy
    • Oreo Brownie Sundae - $6.99  
      Cookies and cream ice cream, a warm brownie, chocolate and marshmallow sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry.
  • fountain SPECIALTIES 

  • Smoothie - $4.99 Non dairy
  • Frozen berries, banana and juice blended to deliciousness
  • (Add spinach for a super food boast!)
    • Classic Ice Cream Soda or Freeze - $6.99
    • Malt - $6.99/Small $5.99
    • Milkshake-Regular with tin $6.99/Small $5.99
    • Add a fresh banana $1.00
    •  party and catering 

    • La-Palooza - $65.00 A ten pound ice cream sundae to share with friends! Ask for our LaPalooza menu (Please call ahead or let your server know as soon as possible)
    • La-Pa-Salad - $35.00 Choose one of our four salads: Caesar, Cobb, Chef, or Balsamic.  Serves 8-10 people.
    • Hot or Cold sandwich and wrap platter - $65.00 
    • Kid's Party Package -$45.00 Choose a sandwich, drink and sundae for five children from the kids menu; $8 each additional child.

We will strive to bring you local, fresh, and in-season ingredients thus items may
slightly differ from what is on the menu. Don't forget to brush and floss!